Emax Defender Line Conditioner

Emax Defender Line Conditioner

EMAX DEFENDER Line Conditioners for High Ambient Temperatures

Outdoor temperatures exceeding 40°C (104°F) are increasingly common. Ambient temperatures higher than 50°C (122°F) should be expected in non-climate-controlled buildings or enclosures, yet most line conditioners are rated for operation at no more than 50°C, with some as low as 40°C. That is simply not adequate for today’s environment.

General’s EMAX DEFENDER line conditioners are unique, in that they are certified for continuous, full-load operation at ambient temperatures from -40°C (-40°F) through +60°C (+140°F).


How Does the EMAX DEFENDER Series Operate at High Ambient Temperatures?

There are two keys to reliable operation and long life at higher ambient temperatures, and General Transformer manufactures a line conditioner series with these two key conditions in mind. The EMAX DEFENDER series uses these two operating principles:

Higher Efficiency

Dramatically improved efficiency can reduce losses, operating temperatures, and thermal stress on components.

A typical 1200 va line conditioner, fully loaded and operating at 85% efficiency must dissipate 212 watts of heat. The 1200 va EMAX DEFENDER achieves 91% efficiency, and dissipates only 119 watts. With 6% higher efficiency, heating is reduced by 44%, nearly cut in half.

Lower losses mean lower operating temperature rise with lower component stresses, allowing for operation at higher ambient temperatures combined with longer life.

By operating at higher efficiency and lower temperatures, EMAX DEFENDER line conditioners operate with higher than normal derating factors. In other words, they run cooler to last longer.

Component Ratings

It’s common industry practice to derate or operate components at less than full rated stress levels. This can mean, for example, using a component at no more than 80% of rated voltage, current, or temperature. The reduced stress due to derating can greatly enhance product life and reliability.

By using only components with exceptionally high ratings, derating factors are enhanced even further. Specifically, all magnetics are constructed with a 200°C insulation system (180°C is the typical industry standard).

Only premium grade, 90°C rated capacitors are used, operating well below rated voltage, while others use 70°C parts at close to rated voltage. Internal wiring is rated for 150°C operation, while terminal blocks, cable ties, and anchors are good for 105°C.

EMAX DEFENDER Line Conditioners from General Transformer

Premium components used with high derating factors, coupled with high efficiency, yield enhanced life and reliability, even with operation at higher ambient temperatures. Only EMAX DEFENDER gives you that winning combination.

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