Ferroresonant Transformer for Lighting Applications
Ferroresonant Transformer for Lighting Applications

Custom Ferroresonant Transformers for Lighting

With efficiency in mind, General Transformer Corporation designs custom ferroresonant transformers for a wide variety of lighting applications. Our custom ferroresonant transformers are ideal for commercial and industrial buildings that require voltage regulation for LED lighting. Regulating voltage allows for stability regardless of the fluctuations in input voltage. For cost-effectiveness, GTC can work with you while you design your building, offering clean power solutions for your sensitive circuits. 

Benefits of Ferroresonant Transformers for Lighting

The primary benefit of ferroresonant transformers in lighting applications is the regulation they offer and the clean power that they provide. We design our Ferroresonant transformers to achieve maximum efficiency.  GTC’s efficient ferroresonant transformers can be built with any voltage specs. Our custom ferroresonant transformer capabilities include:

  • Custom sizing
  • Specialized mounting considerations
  • Ability to design around an established circuit

Types of Lighting that Utilize Constant Voltage Transformers (CVT)

Typical lighting applications include LED lighting projects as well as fluorescent lighting. A majority of the constant voltage transformers for lighting projects that GTC completes include LED lighting.

General Transformer Corporation CVT Advantages

With over 40 years of custom transformer knowledge and experience, General Transformer Corporation custom designs our CVT for lighting in Wylie, Texas. Quick turnaround times and full engineering services allow us to deliver prototypes and finished products on time, with minimal supply chain delays. Our expertise goes beyond logistics with a design process that ensures your constant voltage transformer is manufactured to your specific requirements. We work with companies across a vast array of industries, understanding the unique design and engineering requirements needed for successful custom electrical circuit designs.

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