Custom Transformers for Cathodic Rectifier Manufacturers
Custom Transformers for Cathodic Rectifiers

Custom Transformers for Cathodic Rectifier Manufacturers

Your customers depend on you to deliver high-quality cathodic rectifiers that perform as expected with minimal required maintenance. Whether you’re an OEM responsible for building components for fuel distribution systems or a part of a manufacturing operation dealing with sewage lift stations, you need the best power transformers available.

For over 40 years, General Transformer Corporation has served a variety of OEM customers, including CP rectifier manufacturers. Our team works closely with yours as we design, manufacture, and deliver a custom power solution that matches your specifications. Each of our transformers is built at our facility in Wylie, Texas, where we have the capabilities to build custom power products to support your CP rectifier manufacturing application.

Want to learn more about how GTC can support your cathodic rectifier OEM or other manufacturing job? Contact us or call 972-442-1285 today. We’ll discuss your goals and find the best custom transformer for your unique application.

Custom USA-Made Power Transformers for CP Rectifier OEMs

Every power transformer produced by GTC has been designed and manufactured in the USA to ensure American-made quality. CP rectifiers provide essential protection across many industries, including for applications that require units to be submerged in water or buried beneath the ground. No matter where or how your cathodic rectifiers will be used, you need power transformers built to your specifications that provide long operational lifespans.

GTC’s Design & Manufacturing Process

Using our Optimum Design processes, our engineers will establish your specifications and requirements to decide which custom power transformer is best for your CP rectifier manufacturing application. Once the final configuration is determined, we design and build a prototype. That prototype is sent to you so that you can test your component in your exact application and environmental conditions. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your transformer, we go back to the drawing board until you are satisfied with your results.

Your customers and clients expect the best, and GTC never settles for anything less than exceptional. We’re ready to support your CP rectifier OEM outfit through custom-built and high-quality transformers.

Exceptional Transformers, Unparalleled Service & On-Time Deliveries

GTC is committed to delivering high-performing custom power transformers on time. In addition to our large in-house stock of materials, we’ve built a vast network of supplier and distributor partners, allowing us to navigate and avoid supply chain disruptions to ensure fast turnaround times. Other benefits to choosing GTC as your manufacturing partner include:

  • Streamlined systems, including bar code and part serialization
  • Ability to handle low- or high-volume production runs
  • Quality assurance at all stages of design and manufacturing
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified to meet most requirements

GTC seeks to build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with every order. Contact us today to learn more about how we can best serve your cathodic protection rectifier manufacturing application. Request a quote to begin your order. Our knowledgeable team will be in touch as soon as possible.