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Custom inductor
Custom inductor 
Custom inductor
Custom inductor 

Custom Power Inductors

Inductors are electromagnetic devices which store energy in a magnetic field. Current flow through a coil or winding produces a magnetic field in a core of magnetic material such as steel. Inductors are frequently used for electrical and electronic applications

General Transformer designs and manufactures inductors with toroid or laminated steel cores, multiple windings, taps, and other features as required for your specific application, per your exact specifications.

Applications of Custom Inductors

In dc circuits, inductors are commonly used for filtering, allowing smooth dc current flow while blocking ac. In such applications, they are sometimes called chokes. In ac circuits, custom inductors are used for filtering, noise reduction, power factor correction, and many other purposes, and are sometimes referred to as reactors.

Custom inductors are suitable for both high voltage and high current applications. They can be found in:

  • Sensors
  • Tuning circuits
  • Energy storage
  • Motor drives
  • Rectifiers
  • Power supplies
  • Battery chargers

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General designs and manufactures inductors using toroid and laminated steel cores, with multiple windings, taps, and other features as required for your specific application. We will work closely with you to ensure all of your design needs are met.

For more information about our inductors, or to discuss a custom inductor for your application, contact us with your design requirements today.