What to Know Before Requesting a Custom Transformer Quote

General Transformer Corporation has been an industry-leading manufacturer of custom power transformers for over 40 years. We work with you from start to finish, beginning with our design services and continuing through delivery. Our process begins when you request a quote for your custom power transformer, inductor, or other custom product. The more information you can provide, the better we can assess your project's timeline, process, and budget. Specifications could include:

  • VA rating
  • Input/output voltage
  • Input/output current
  • Load requirements
  • Frequency rating
  • Order volume
  • Any other unique requirements to your planned use.

Our engineers will be happy to assist you if you are unsure which configuration or specification is best for your industrial application.

GTC’s Custom Transformer & Power Component Capabilities

GTC can produce custom power transformers or other power components that you need to complete your application. As an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, we work hard to meet your specifications and provide cost-effective solutions to any custom power need.

VA Ratings

General Transformer Corporation typically works with power ratings ranging from 500VA to 20kVA. We work with a range of custom power transformer sizes, and, depending on the type of power transformer you require, we can build up to 200kVA.

Input/Output Voltage, Input/Output Current, and Load Requirements

Our custom transformers generally feature 120V to 600V capacities. However, we are able to build lower than 120V to meet your requested specifications. Our UL insulation system limit is 600V, and our current max is 200A.

Frequency Ratings

We have the capabilities to build transformers at 50, 60, and 400Hz. We do not manufacture high-frequency transformers or high-voltage transformers.

Power Transformer Size

Our custom power transformers range from small surface-mount control transformers to large power transformers. We can meet your specifications with power capabilities from 50VA for smaller custom transformers up to large 200kVA transformers. We are not a good fit for custom transformers requiring more than 200kVA ratings.

Custom Transformer Order Volume

From single transformers to large-volume orders in the thousands, General Transformer is prepared to handle individual or bulk orders.

Reliable Custom Power Transformers to Meet Your Requirements

General Transformer adheres to strict quality standards for process, personnel, equipment maintenance, and instrumentation controls. We provide quick turnaround times on orders and respond promptly to all requested quotes. Some of our offerings for custom power transformers and other products include:

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