Split Phase Drop Leg

Custom Power Transformer Project

Heavy duty portable step down unit inside a custom NEMA1 enclosure with powder-coated frame

Custom Transformer Units

Custom Power Transformer and Inductor Client Success Stories

From the initial concept and design to final testing and inspection, General Transformer Corporation manufactures innovative custom magnetics for a diverse range of clientele. Through decades of custom projects, we have had the privilege of working with clients that are looking for high-performance, reliable solutions that can withstand the demands often required of today’s power circuits.

Due to the nature of our work, some success stories highlighted include unnamed companies. When working with clients of varying backgrounds, we understand the need for confidentiality.

Phase Drop Leg Case Study

When one leg of a split leg or three-phase input power drops out, severe damage can occur to equipment and motors. See how GTC helped this customer with their mobile system's split phase power issues.

Custom Voltage Units Case Study

GTC assisted an engineering team in deploying a large amount of equipment in a short period of time by developing a custom solution to fit their application.

Discover How We Can Customize a Transformer For Your Application

Complex problems can require not only knowledge and expertise, but innovative, creative solutions that can meet the power demands transformers and inducters require. Whether you need a solution to an ongoing issue or you are in the stages of prototype design, we can solve your power issue and voltage imbalance, and design custom voltage equipment.