Optimum Design

Optimum Design is General's philosophy and practice of developing the best part to suit your specific application requirements. With few exceptions, the best possible transformer or inductor for your application can only be produced using a custom design (see Why Custom Magnetics?). Optimum Design is the process of creating that part.

General Transformer manufactures custom transformers and inductors that are optimally designed to meet your application needs.

The Optimum Design Process from General Transformer

Let's look at a simple example to see how this process works. Assume you contact General with a requirement for a very simple isolation transformer. You want a 120 volt, 60 Hz primary, and a 12 volt secondary. Rating is 1.0 kva. You can buy an off-the-shelf part with those specifications, but it's not likely to be optimum for your particular application.

In order to produce the optimum part, General is going to ask many questions. These questions may include:

  • Do you have size and/or mounting constraints? Perhaps a shorter profile will work better for you than a longer profile?
  • Is cost more important than size or efficiency? Is regulation important?
  • How do you want to connect to the transformer? It could be made with wire leads, with or without terminals or lugs attached. Or it could be made with screw lugs, clamp lugs, or bus bar connections.
  • Perhaps you'd like us to attach a connector of your specification?
  • What duty cycle will the part operate on?
  • What will the ambient temperature be?
  • Is your application sensitive to stray magnetic fields, or audible noise? 

Once we fully understand your requirements, we'll design the part and build a prototype, complete with thermocouples installed for temperature measurement. You'll be asked to test the part in your application and tell us whether it meets your needs exactly. If not, we make changes and try again, until it’s right for you.

Through this collaborative effort, you'll get a custom-designed product to meet your specific requirements. That's the power of Optimum Design.

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We offer over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing custom transformer and inductor solutions. We believe in not just providing quality products, but building working relationships with our customers to better meet your requirements.

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