Portable Power Unit

Portable Power Unit

Portable Transformers and Power Units

General Transformer Corporation designs and manufactures custom portable power units to meet remote power requirements.  Our engineering team works with you to create step-up or step-down voltage power transformers.  Our portable power transformers are used in remote sites in harsh outdoor environments for both domestic and international equipment requirements.

Custom-Manufactured Portable Transformers

Outdoor or mobile applications require a more robust construction than a traditional transformer design. Our capabilities enable us to build portable power solutions that meet the IP or NEMA rating required by your project. We create enclosures, often meeting 3R or NEMA 4 guidelines, to stand up against water spray and other harsh conditions.

Our portable power units offer long lifespans, compact and lightweight constructions, a fully sealed enclosure, and many other features. Typically, we use single-phase power transformers within mobile power systems. If you require a different design method, our team is prepared to work with you to meet your specifications.

Design Considerations for Custom Portable Power Units

Several design considerations differentiate portable power units from stationary transformers. These considerations include:

  • Heat. As portable power systems are fully enclosed to provide protection from outdoor environments, heat can become trapped within the system box. We design low-heat transformers specifically with mobility in mind to keep your application working efficiently.
  • Environmental Conditions. Your job site's location, temperature, and weather can affect your portable power unit's size, enclosure, and more. We will meet the demands posed by any location. For instance, GTC compensates for high outdoor temperatures by designing slightly larger transformers to offset the heat.
  • Connections. Your application may need special NEMA-rated waterproof plugs and/or receptacles for both input and output.  We will help choose the right connection setup for your application.
  • Planned Application. Your intended use for your portable power transformer will also impact the design and power transformer product. Options can include step-up transformers, step-down transformers, isolation transformers, single-phase or three-phase transformers, and others.

We will work with you to ensure your custom portable power transformer meets or exceeds all your requirements. Talk to us about your power requirements and we will design a custom portable power system for your application.

Step-Up & Step-Down Portable Transformers for Any Industry

When you need a unit for international deployment, in a non-standard size, or to meet any other custom requirements, we are your go-to source for any custom transformer need. Industries we work with include, but are not limited to:

  • Military & Defense
  • SWAT Teams & Police Departments
  • Outdoor Construction
  • And many, many more.

Our portable power solutions have been used in remote bomb detonation robotics, satellite systems, and many other applications.

Why Choose GTC for Your Custom Portable Power Units?

When you choose General Transformer Corporation as your mobile power unit manufacturer, you are selecting decades of industry experience, an expert team of engineers, and a partner who will work with you from design through delivery. In addition to or as an element within your custom portable power system, we offer:

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