Small power transformers
Small power transformers
Custom transformer with terminal housings
Custom transformer with terminal housings

Custom Power Transformers

At General Transformer, there are no off-the-shelf transformers. Our USA-made products are custom-engineered and manufactured to match your design needs. We build:

  • Laminated steel isolation transformers with ratings from 100 VA to 60 kVA for 50/60 Hz operation
  • Autotransformers to 120 kVA
  • Transformers for 400 Hz operation to 20 kVA or more
  • Additional configurations & capabilities

Whether you need a specific size, temperature rating, or mounting configuration, we work closely with you to create transformers with the proper magnetic topology for your application. Contact us today to learn more about how custom power transformers from GTC can enhance your OEM facility, manufacturing operation, or other industrial applications.

Types of Custom Transformers

From small to large projects, we are dedicated to meeting all your specifications. Available ratings and transformer capabilities depend on several factors. Before beginning your order, always consider the following aspects:

  • Power Requirements
  • Maximum Voltages
  • Currents
  • Frequencies

We design and manufacture single-phase devices and three-phase transformers with toroid cores or laminated steel cores. Additional features include taps, multiple windings, and other elements as required. Call us at 972-442-1285 to speak with an expert to determine the best transformer specifications and configurations for your planned use.

Ferroresonant Transformers

General Transformer is one of the leading producers of constant voltage ferroresonant transformers and other ferroresonant designs. These custom power solutions provide reliable regulation and feature rugged constructions to withstand harsh environmental conditions. They protect sensitive loads from noise, surges, and other disturbances.

Toroidal Transformers

Custom toroidal power transformers are designed for compact applications, providing high efficiency in a small and lightweight package. They feature a ring-shaped magnetic core to provide lower losses, reduced operational noise, and single bolt mounting.

Three-Phase Transformers

For higher power ratings, we design and manufacture custom three-phase transformers. Three-phase transformers are a cost-effective, high-quality option for industrial applications due to their lightweight constructions and flexible performances.

Industrial Applications for Custom Power Transformers

Custom-manufactured power transformers are engineered to provide efficient and reliable operations for any industrial application. GTC is a custom transformer manufacturer and supplies transformers for many projects, including:

Choose GTC as Your Trusted Custom Transformer Manufacturer

As an industry-leading custom transformer manufacturer, the team at General Transformer Corporation has over 200 years of combined transformer manufacturing experience. Our expertise reflects our passion for transformer design and production. Benefits of working with GTC include:

  • Optimum Design practices that help us work directly with customers and bring custom designs to life.
  • Strong, valuable relationships and connections built upon high-level expertise, emphasized communication, and devoted service.
  • Full engineering services with quick prototype delivery, bar code and part serialization services with data storage, and automated production testing with LabVIEW software.
  • Adherence to strict quality standards for processing, personnel, equipment maintenance, and instrument controls.
  • Quick turnarounds for delivering prototypes and finished products due to a large in-stock supply of materials and maintaining relationships with multiple vendors.
  • All manufacturing is completed in the USA at our facility in Wylie, Texas.

Over 45 years of providing unrivaled design expertise and extensive experience working with OEM manufacturers have established us as a leading customer transformer manufacturer. Contact GTC or request a quote to discuss your custom transformer needs today.