Ferroresonant Power Supply
Ferroresonant Power Supply

Custom Ferroresonant Transformer Power Supplies

Custom ferroresonant power supply transformers provide self-regulating output voltage over a comprehensive range of input voltages including damaging spikes and sags. Ferroresonant transformers use nonlinear magnetic properties and are designed for constant output voltage and reliable power regulation. Additional advantages for ferroresonant line conditioner power supplies include:

  • Protection from voltage spikes and noise
  • Reliable and rugged design
  • Regulated output
  • Versatility in a variety of application environments

Power Regulation through Ferroresonant Transformer Power Supplies

With self-regulation a function of ferroresonant transformers, custom transformer power supplies offer the following benefits:

  • Offers high load transformer regulation due to current-limiting regulation
  • Output voltage can be regulated over differing input voltages
  • Powers non-linear loads. Conventional transformers cannot accommodate fluctuating input voltages

Custom Power Supply Benefits

Valuable for poorly regulated power areas such as highly industrialized areas where a custom ferroresonant transformer can regulate input fluctuations for a stable output.  

  • Normal utility power can vary input +/- 15%.  These fluctuations are completely acceptable in power transmission.  Conditioning the power you use protects the delicate circuits that you have plugged into this power source.
    • A ferroresonant or CVT (Constant Voltage Transformer) processes varying input voltages and allows for only 3% variance in output voltage.
    • Does not require extra circuitry to monitor voltage which results in less failure points
    • Will not overload. The output can short, but the custom transformer will continue to run

Ferroresonant Power Supply Applications

Ideal for applications that need constant output voltages, ferroresonant power supply application uses include:

GTC manufactures ferroresonant transformer power supplies for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. Our custom transformer power solutions have powered industries such as oil and gas, telecommunications, process control, and many more.

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