Custom Voltage Equipment

While small runs and prototypes can pose design and engineering challenges, manufacturing large quantities of custom power components poses its own set of challenges. Large-scale projects require additional process and design considerations in order for them to be completed within the needed timeframe.

The Problem: Domestic Voltage Challenge

General Transformer Corporation was contacted by an engineering team deploying a large amount of equipment in a short period of time. The issue the engineering team needed to resolve was repurposing the voltage equipment. Their entire equipment package was built for domestic use 120V and the equipment was slated to be delivered to a territory that utilizes 220V standard voltage input.

The General Transformer Solution

Due to the extensive nature of the equipment repurposing, a heavy-duty portable step-down voltage unit was developed. Revisions were made to reduce the size and weight of the voltage units. A custom NEMA1 enclosure with a rugged powder-coated frame was also created for the repurposed voltage unit.

Our Successful GTC Results

Within one month, General Transformer Corporation could expedite and complete this custom voltage unit project. Our client was able to ship the power voltage equipment with proper 220V input, eliminating the confusion and potentially disastrous situation of sending a massive amount of equipment with the wrong type of voltage input. 

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