Custom three phase transformer
Three Phase Transformer
Custom three-phase transformer
Custom Three Phase Transformer

Custom Three Phase Transformer Design

Ideal for power distribution, three phase power transformers are best for electrical systems that require efficient  distribution capacity and high-power transmission capabilities.

General Transformer can meet your custom requirements for three-phase power applications with laminated steel transformers and inductors produced in true three phase (three coil) designs. 

Three Phase Power Transformer Process

AC power is alternating current, alternating voltage, and alternating power. At the operating frequency (60 Hz in North America, 50 Hz in most of the rest of the world, and 400 Hz in aircraft and some other specialized applications), power flows back and forth in a smooth, sinusoidal waveform.

  • In a continuous cycle, it moves from zero to a peak, then back to zero, and then to a negative peak.
  • Power flow is smoother and more efficient if multiple waveforms (or phases) can be used, even though they’re all at the same frequency.
    • When one is at zero, another is near a peak, and so overall power flow is smoother and more continuous.

The power flow is similar to the difference between a single-cylinder engine, and a four, six, eight, or even twelve-cylinder engine. The power output might be the same, but the more cylinders there are, the smoother the power flow is going to be.

Custom Power Generation with Three Phase Power Transformers

While virtually all our modern electronic devices use direct current, or dc, power generation and distribution systems use alternating current or AC. There are several historical and technical reasons for the use of AC in power generation and distribution.

  • Largely because of transformers, which can only operate with AC, the AC system was simply more efficient, economical, and flexible.
  • It was (and still is) simple and economical to generate AC power at high voltages, transmit it over a distribution network, and step the voltage down to a more useful level at the point of usage.

General Transformer can help convert this AC power to DC, simply and economically.

Benefits of Using Three-Phase Power Transformers

At higher power ratings, three-phase transformers are less expensive, lighter, and smaller, making them ideal for industrial equipment.Three-phase power transformers offer many benefits for industrial applications.   

We can show you how to use three single-phase units connected in either wye or delta configurations, or two single-phase units in open delta or Scott-T circuits.

3-Phase Transformer Advantages

Other advantages of three-phase transformers include: 

  • Lower cost
  • Less weight
  • Requires less space
  • Higher efficiency
  • Can accommodate three phase and small single-phase loads

Applications of Three-Phase Transformer Design

Three-phase transformers are used for power generation and electrical distribution network applications. They can be found in high power industrial loads such as rectifiers, motor drives, and other equipment. Additional applications for three-phase power transformers include:

  • Applications that require step up/step down of transmission lines
  • Electrical grid station power generation


Best in Class Three Phase Transformer Manufacturer

For over 45 years, General Transformer has created innovative power transformers for a wide range of OEMs across all industries. Designing and manufacturing a custom three phase transformer with us includes the following benefits:  

  • Working with an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer
  • Optimum design for accurate transformer development of your custom transformer and application requirements
  • Custom three phase power transformers manufactured in the USA
  • Capability of producing large production runs, on-time with a quick turnaround from development to production
  • Bar code and part serialization with data storage for custom three phase transformer projects

Design your Three Phase Transformer Today

We manufacture custom designed three-phase transformers to meet your power application needs. Visit our Custom Transformers page to learn more about our transformers, or send us your design requirements