Line Conditioner Size Selection

Depending on your application and load requirements, the size of your line conditioner will differ. At General Transformer, we offer a variety of EMAX DEFENDER line conditioners to meet your power requirements while still providing high efficiency.

To find the right line conditioner for your application, use our line conditioner size selection guide below.

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Finding the Right Line Conditioner Size for Your Requirements

Selecting the right line conditioner for your load(s) is simple: Match the nominal input (line) voltage to your power source, and match the output voltage to your load requirements. Then, choose the EMAX DEFENDER rated at or above the total power requirements of your loads.

Output voltage at full rated load will remain within ANSI “Range A,” even with input voltage as low as 82% of nominal. This is adequate for almost all load requirements.

Accommodating for More Challenging Line Conditioner Requirements

Rarely, a load may require tighter regulation or exceptionally low line voltages need to be accommodated. Derating (running a higher rated model at lower percent of full load) is the solution, providing tighter regulation, an extended input range, or both.

General provides data sheets for every EMAX DEFENDER model, charting the relationships between load, output voltage, and input voltage. Simply use those charts to determine which model best suits your requirements.

Suppose, for example, that a nominal 120 volt load consumes 500 watts, and requires a minimum input voltage of 114 volts. The datasheet for the model rated at 600 watts shows that we can stay within regulation with an input as low as 97 volts:


Line conditioner 600 watt regulation graph
Line conditioner 600 watt
regulation graph

By using the next larger model (1200 watts rating), our load requirements are satisfied with an input as low as 77 volts:


Line conditioner 1200 watt regulation graph
Line conditioner 1200 watt
regulation graph

Line Conditioner Data Sheet and Installation Manuals

VA Rating

Part Number

Data Sheet

Installation Manual

600 VA




1200 VA




2400 VA




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