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Complete UL approved line conditioner
ETL listed. Conforms to UL Std. 1012 and certified to CSA Std. C22.2
Line conditioners for sensitive components
Line conditioners for sensitive components

Electronic Line Conditioners

Line conditioners provide filtered and regulated (conditioned) power to electrical and electronic loads which are sensitive to power quality. Such sensitive loads may be damaged or destroyed by transients, or operate with less than optimal performance due to poor voltage regulation.

Existing electronic line conditioners can provide tighter regulation than your load requires, but at the cost of vulnerability to harmful transient voltages. Delicate electronic devices are being used in an attempt to protect delicate electronic devices. Ferroresonant line conditioners have long offered outstanding transient protection, but at the cost of relatively poor efficiency.

General Transformer is proud to offer the EMAX Defender series of line conditioners which feature the transient protection of traditional ferroresonant designs, along with high efficiency and the smooth sine wave output many loads require.

EMAX Defender Power Conditioners

We are proud to introduce EMAX Defender 600, 1200 and 2400 va power conditioners. Each line conditioner is designed around an innovative dual magnetic topology that facilitates outstanding transient rejection coupled with optimum regulation. This means that the EMAX line conditioner provide the power quality you need at high efficiency, generally over 90% under real-world operating conditions.

Why is Efficiency Important?

Higher efficiency in your line conditioner means lower energy costs and better environmental benefits. EMAX Defender power conditioners lose less input power, meaning lower costs over the lifetime of the equipment.

This also means less heat has to be removed from user equipment and enclosures, leading to a decrease in ventilation requirements.

Higher Ambient Temperature Operation

EMAX Defender line conditioners are capable of continuous, full load operation at ambient temperatures from - 40°C (-40°F) through +60°C (+140°F). Because of their high efficiency and minimum heat loss, operating temperatures rise and component stresses are lower, leading to higher ambient temperatures and a longer life.

Our line conditioners provide an unmatched combination of high efficiency, enhanced reliability, and longer lifespan.

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The EMAX Defender power conditioner series sets the standard by which all other line conditioners will be measured. Our selection of line conditioners includes:

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2400 VA




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